Supplier diversity policy Campaign

Ensuring access to lucrative statewide contracts.


The mission of BECMA is, “to advance the economic well-being of Black businesses, organizations that serve the Black community, and Black residents of Massachusetts.” One such way to advance this mission is to ensure that local and state governments, as well as private entities, provide consistent, equitable opportunities for Black businesses to participate in the market for procurement of services and contracting work in the development sector.

BECMA seeks to work with city officials, state legislators, and state agency directors to promote and adopt policies that foster the growth and sustaining of existing Black-owned businesses. The organization also looks to build on its existing relationships with private entities like banks and chambers of commerce to increase their access to Black-owned businesses.

BECMA has developed several specific recommendations to achieve the above goals. Those recommendations include:

Recommendation #1

The State Legislature ought to have inclusionary language in a bill that would ensure that Black and Hispanic businesses will equitably participate in every state-issued contract. Language should promote “equity of opportunity in contracting; and, to that end, [to] encourage full participation of Black and Hispanic owned businesses in all areas of public and private procurement."

Recommendation #2

All procurement contracts greater than $100,000 should require a qualified Supplier Diversity Program plan with measurable commitments to utilize certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) contractors, suppliers or vendors.

Recommendation #3

Massport should be used as an example for the development of the forty (40) acres to be developed by the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA).

Recommendation #4

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (MCCC) should adopt language that insures all licenses include Black equity participation as well as a Supplier Diversity Program plan.


Massachusetts State House  /  Photo Credit: Michael Braxenthaler (2007)


Recommendation #5

The Commonwealth ought to provide dedicated funding to support technical assistance for MBEs to accelerate their capacity for growth. An initial investment of $5 million should be reflected in the 2020-2021 budget.

Recommendation #6

In the future, all economic incentives require that companies prepare and adopt a Supplier Diversity Plan and an MBE design and construction plan. An MBE procurement plan should be a condition for any economic incentives.