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Research and Publications

What is behind the persistence of the racial wealth gap? (2019)

The average wealth of black households in the United States in 2016 was $140,000, while the average wealth of white households was $901,000, nearly 6.5 times greater. And the gap has changed little over the past half century. An important study from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland concludes that when policies are focused on changing the income gap, this immense wealth gap dramatically. Read the study.

The Color of Wealth in Boston (2015)

This report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston found that people of color, on average, hold net assets worth $700 compared to $256,500 in net assets held by the average white Bostonian. They also found 27% of Black Bostonians are "unbanked" (they don't have a bank account) vs. only 8% of white Bostonians. Topics like the low rates of homeownership and educational attainment were also covered. Read the study.

Unleashing the Potential of Entrepreneurs of Color in Massachusetts (2021)

Unleashing the Potential of Entrepreneurs of Color in Massachusetts lays out a plan to position inclusive entrepreneurship as a central strategy to achieve a stronger and more equitable economy post-COVID. Produced by MassINC in partnership with the newly-formed Coalition for an Equitable Economy, the research highlights both the need and the opportunity to put inclusive entrepreneurship at the core of the state’s economic development strategy in 2021 and beyond. This report presents a set of strategies that can provide a strong foundation for an ambitious campaign to close racial and ethnic gaps in small business ownership by the end of the decade. Read the study.