Our Partners

The work we do is made possible by our partnerships with other civil rights and advocacy organizations. Here is a list below of those partners. Learn more about what our alliance is based on and click the links to learn more about the organization.



black economic justice institute (beji)

BEJI was founded to accomplish one goal: advocate and develop programs that address justice and economic opportunity for black and other people of color of Boston that help  build strong, diverse, sustainable neighborhoods in Boston. Our partnership is focused on increasing access to the building trades for people of color, as well as ensure increased hiring and placement of people of color on construction sites.

NAACp boston branch

Founded in 1911, the Boston chapter of the NAACP is the oldest branch of the oldest civil rights organization in the nation. Its mission is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination. Our partnership is focused on civic engagement, economic development, and government accountability.

urban league of eastern massachusetts (ulem)

ULEM is one of the oldest affiliates within the National Urban League.  Its mission is to be a champion of civil rights dedicated to helping people improve their lives and to build stronger communities by providing local residents with education, job training, and placement at no cost. ULEM offers programs and services at no cost to every participant. Our partnership centers around workforce development and job placement related to our Good Jobs campaign.

boston ujima project

Ujima Boston is an exciting new organization with a mission to create a new community controlled economy in Greater Boston. Through intentional efforts, they organize neighbors, workers, business owners, and investors to develop new strategies for investment, working, buying, owning, and advocating. Our partnership concentrates around…