good, permanent jobs CAMPAIGN

Creating access to 21st century jobs.


We are living in exciting economic times in the Commonwealth generally, and in Boston more specifically. All around us, we are seeing the results of a development boom with construction cranes lining the skyline of our major cities, and every other day news of a new company relocating to our shores. 

While it is true that unemployment for Black Americans is going down, both in Massachusetts and the nation, BECMA is concerned about the types of jobs that Black Americans are receiving. 

We are for the creation of and access to good, permanent jobs.

For us, that means that the jobs are full-time, year-round, and provide a livable wage or salary with benefits.

We have a number of recommendations for the Commonwealth to help achieve these ends. Here are just a few:



Recommendation #1

  • The Commonwealth ought to implement a plan to diversify trade unions, including sanctions of unions that fail to implement a diverse building and union trade workforce in five years. The trade industry provides exceptional opportunities for training, skill development, good paying jobs and entrepreneurship. By diversifying trade unions, we can create good, permanent jobs that will help address pervasive economic inequality. 

Recommendation #2

  • Companies of a significant size and impact that receive “economic incentives” to re-locate to or expand in the Commonwealth should engage in training programs at our local community colleges that result in the significant percentage increase of its Black employees.