The Greenwood Challenge is named for the Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, Oklahoma, referred to colloquially as Black Wall Street. In 1921, Greenwood was the site of one of the worst incidents of racial violence in U.S. history as a mob of white residents killed close to 300 Black people and destroyed property that left more than 8,000 people homeless and most Black businesses in ruins. Through this initiative, BECMA seeks to build and reclaim modern, thriving, unapologetically Black communities across Massachusetts.

We have an ambitious goal of raising $1 million by September 2020. Proceeds from the effort will support the development of BECMA’s agenda, which includes advocating for private and public sector policies to address systemic racism that impede Black economic development, supporting a fund to provide greater access to capital for Black-owned businesses, and offering technical assistance programs.



BECMA is taking the lead in addressing the negative impacts of systemic racism on the economic well-being of the Black community in Massachusetts.


The Greenwood Challenge was kicked off with a substantial donation from Herby Duverne, a BECMA board member and CEO of the Windwalker Group. In early June 2020, he committed $100,000 to helping BECMA reach its $1 million goal by September 2020.

Thank you, Herby!


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