BECMA came into being because of a profound need to address critical, systemic issues facing our community.

Below you will find a few resources like research about the problems our community faces, our partner organizations who are working with us to address them, as well as a tool to help you both find your elected representatives and see how they’ve helped us to make progress on these matters.


Solutions to Address Race and Income Inequality 

In February 2018, we hosted a solutions-oriented forum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston featuring 7 key political and business leaders. Each discussed ways they impacted the push to expand access to opportunities for minority-owned businesses across the state. Check out each of their presentations to discover how best you can model their practices in your own industry or area of expertise.

Local Organizations


The Color or wealth in boston

This report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston found that people of color, on average, hold net assets worth $700 compared to $256,500 in net assets held by the average white Bostonian. The same report found that 27% of Black Bostonians are "unbanked" (they don't have a bank account) vs. only 8% of white Bostonians. Topics like the low rates of homeownership and educational attainment were also covered.

Government Access

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Boston naacp 2017 equity, access, and opportunity report card

In October 2017, the Boston chapter of the NAACP found that unemployment rates for Black Bostonians were more than double that of white Bostonians (10.7% vs 4.9% respectively).