The spring of 2020 saw justified uprisings erupt across the nation -- from New York City to Philadelphia to Atlanta to Minneapolis to Louisville to Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. While the frustration was a direct response to the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and countless other Black Americans, the overall cause of sustained demonstrations is deeply rooted in a history of systemic racism and violent oppression.

In early June 2020, BECMA convened a group of statewide leaders, from grassroots organizations to institutional entities, to develop a list of actionable, tangible items for four groups -- the private sector, nonprofits, philanthropic organizations, and government -- to commit and follow through on in order to prove that their statement, "Black Lives Matter!," is more than words but a vision of a world they want to make true with us.

See the targets

Coalition Members



The targets we developed were the result of many conversations with organizations from across the state. Here are some of the members who have signed on in support of this initiative. This list will grow as more organizations gain the support of their leadership and/or membership.

COALITION MEMBERS (in formation)


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