BECMA Materials

Check here for BECMA-specific information that we provide to our member businesses and the general public. We will add BECMA-commissioned reports, studies, and updates from future discussions.


second annual solutions series

We followed up on our first series at the Fed with a second discussion in February 2019 at Roxbury Community College. Our discussion featured 4 groups of industry leaders. Each presented ways they are addressing the capacity of Black-owned businesses and diversity at all levels of their business. Check out each of their presentations.


Solutions to Address Race and Income Inequality 

In February 2018, we hosted a solutions-oriented forum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston featuring 7 key political and business leaders. Each discussed ways they impacted the push to expand access to opportunities for minority-owned businesses across the state. Check out each of their presentations to discover how best you can model their practices in your own industry or area of expertise.