What Happened at Our 2016 Annual Meeting?

The 2016 BECMA Annual & Community Meeting held on November 9, 2016 was a huge success! Thanks to all who participated and…importantly…volunteered and hosted!

Here are the results:

The proposed slate for the BECMA Board of Directors was unanimously approved. Thank you! We’ve now expanded our board to include directors from Worcester and other parts of the Commonwealth establishing BECMA as a state wide organization. Our first board meeting will be held on November 20th.

We launched our #BuyBlack Campaign by distributing a list of over 500 BECMA Certified Black Owned Businesses. This list can be found by clicking HERE

We ask everyone to use this list to do more business with Black owned businesses. In the development of BECMA, we have used Black owned firms for almost everything including legal services, website development, printing, event planning, food services, advertisements and internships. We seek to lead by example! We will be promoting our #BuyBlack campaign, pushing policy initiative for a more inclusive economy and surveying Black owned businesses annually to measure our results.

We shared the BECMA Supplier Diversity Program Policy for government and CDCs, which mirrors the MassPort diversity language. We are working with elected officials for this Policy to be included in all state and local procurement contracts.

We discussed the Bruce C. Bolling Bill, which has language we believe is not defensible by a disparity study. We also shared information on the Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance (DCAMM) 2016 Disparity Study that is happening now. This study will shape DCAMM’s diversity goals. We encourage all Black owned businesses to participate. For more information call (857) 204-1244 or click HERE

We updated attendees on our communication with CDCs, who have been cooperating with our request for data on their efforts to comply with MA General Law, Chapter 40H, which requires their sole purpose to be to create economic opportunities for low to moderate income people, by engaging Black residents and Black businesses. It appears that CDCs have not been tracking and/or reporting the volume of business they provide to Black owned businesses, but instead they are tracking their compliance with the City’s diversity targets. We are encouraged that the topic of the upcoming MACDC’s Annual Meeting is “Working Toward Racial and Income Equality” including “how community developers can advance racial and economic equity in our communities, our Commonwealth and our field”. More work needs to be done!

We also discussed the Boston Resident Job Policy which includes increasing the targets for inclusion for public projects:

  • From 50% to 51% Boston Residents
  • From 25% to 40% People of Color
  • From 10% to 12% Female

And Permanent Jobs:

  • 50% Boston Residents
  • 50% People of Color
  • 50% Woman

 Also 75% of the permanent jobs are to be full time and a minimum wage of $15.

And Boston Jobs Standards – Same Standard for Non Union vs Union employees

 We also discussed the following Next Steps:

  1. Vote on proposed slate of BECMA Board of Directors - Done
  2. Join/Sponsor/Donate BECMA today!
  3. #BuyBlack – Use BECMA Certified Black Business List to do more business with Black owned businesses
  4. Support BECMA Supplier Diversity Program (“SDP”) Policy for government and CDCs
  5. Support Resident Job Policy New Ordinance and Boston Job Standards
  6. Participate in DCAMM Diversity Study

During the meeting, we shared the administrative work we accomplished over the past six months including obtaining our 501(c) 3 status, attracting new members, donors and sponsors including the Boston Foundation, the Boston Impact Initiative, Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen, Eastern Bank, Elkus Manfredi Architects, Gilbane and OneUnited Bank, hiring an Acting Executive Director and keeping control of our costs such that our net assets are higher than Plan. We need to attract more members, donors and sponsors to achieve our annual financial goals.

We then had a very lively question and answer period. Everyone was very appreciative of the work of BECMA to date and would like more meetings and more opportunities for people to contribute, including millennials who would like to help with a social media campaign!

Again, thank you for your continued support. We encourage you to join, donate, sponsor and/or volunteer for BECMA today!