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Welcome to the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts (BECMA) website! We look forward to your support! 

The Black Economic Council of Massachusetts is created to support the advancement of the economic well-being of: 

Black owned businesses

Organizations that serve the Black community

Black residents in Massachusetts


Here are some of the statistics that BECMA was created to address:

  • Net Asset (avg.): Boston Blacks $700 vs Whites $256,500
  • Unbanked: Boston Blacks 27% vs. Whites 8%
  • Income Inequality: Boston #1 worst city in the country
  • Homeownership: Boston Blacks 31% vs Whites 68%
  • Unemployment: Boston Blacks 13% vs Whites 6.2%
  • Educational Attainment Stark Differences in Massachusetts
  • Falling Number of Top Black Businesses in Massachusetts
  • Boston Builders Are Missing Their Diversity Targets
  • Boston CDC’s role in Black Economic Development


Black economic development will require immediate and long term community action, leadership and outside-the-box solutions. We know that there are many people, both within and outside the Black community, who are ready to join us and committed to roll up their sleeves and get to work. This effort will require all of us.

Join, volunteer and donate to the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts today!

  • From the blog

    Our Strategic Focus Is Clear!


    Although we've been less visible...we've been working!

    A few months ago, the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts (BECMA) board of directors recognized we needed more clarity on our strategy. We engaged The DoCanto Group to take us through a strategic planning process to determine how best to achieve our mission and goals to improve the economic well-being of the Black community in Massachusetts.

    Although this planning process made us less visible over the past few months, it provided us with the clarity we needed to focus on specific strategic initiatives. Here is a summary of our strategic focus:

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    2017 Mid Year Update

    We are proud to share the accomplishments of the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts (BECMA) since our Annual Meeting in November.

    Much progress has been made…yet there’s a lot more work to be done. Here are some of our activities:

    1.      Inclusionary Language for Contracts:

    BECMA presented to Secretary of Housing & Economic Development Jay Ashe and Massachusetts State President Stanley C. Rosenberg inclusionary language that we recommend the administration and all the authorities adopt to ensure greater inclusion especially for black businesses. We are working with elected officials to implement this inclusionary language in all RFPs at both the municipal and state level. 


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